Information Logjams Cost You Money

You got into business to make money.

(And hopefully for some greater good like: improving your community, employing people, serving others, making groundbreaking strides)

But, the bottom line remains, whatever you do you won’t be doing for long if there is no evident profit. The more complex your business becomes, the more complex the assessment of profit and loss. That assessment is not so much “where am I making money?” that last deal is self-explanatory. When it comes to answering the question, “where are we bleeding?” the answer is much more complex.

Time consumption, inefficiency, work-arounds, administrative bloat, lack of communication are all sources of the bleeding, but clearly identifying the source and plugging the leaks is more work than the problem itself, and guess what? You put off making that decision to upgrade and integrate one more time. Deep down you know that is the solution.

The more time you take saying you can’t afford the disruption, or the fee, or whatever you say, to make the move to automation and specifically ERP the more you bleed, the less you make.

Companies who switch to Sage Intacct report remarkable savings by being able to eliminate costly manual processes, data entry issues, administrative bloat. These are times that demand agility, free streams of information that is readily accessible, not stuck behind a logjam you could clear.

Read our White Paper entitled 7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now to learn more about the benefits of moving to a cloud financial system.

Let me help you understand what it would take for your business to the cloud.

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