Self-Service Helps You do More

I love team sports. When you put together a good team, every part does their part. When one part can’t do their part, or worse, makes you do their part the luster of the game is lost. It is similar in business. Ideally, you hire the right person for the right spot and that person performs their job. Usually, we are happy to help out, share information, pick up slack when necessary.

What often occurs is that my job depends on you doing your job. When you don’t do yours; I can’t do mine. What I might hate most in the workplace is when I can’t do my job unless you give me something that you normally don’t have to give me.

For instance, if I need a specialized report from accounting, I recognize that I am imposing on them and keeping them from doing their job. If I could access that information on my own without imposing, and then simply needed to ask them to help me understand, I would be in heaven.

The indispensable feature of ERP systems like Sage Intacct is their ability to make your data accessible to whoever needs it whenever they need it. No longer will you be isolated from your information; essential information will be immediately accessible to you. Information access is not dependent upon imposition, it is simply available.

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