5 Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory

Excess inventory is frozen capital. Capital that could be used to develop and grow your business.
In this e-book, we delve into the top 5 causes of excess inventory and how you, as an inventory planner, can prevent too much inventory using industry best practices.

The 5 Causes of Excess Inventory covered in this e-Book are:

  1. Bad Forecasts
  2. New Items
  3. Customer Forecasting
  4. Supplier Constraints
  5. Incorrect Levels

With excess inventory, business growth is hindered. With a balanced inventory, a business is free to grow and tackle new opportunities. Achieving that balance can be complicated, as we have seen while examining forecasts, new items, supplier constraints, and incorrect levels. Relying on outdated tools and methods is guaranteed to prevent a balanced warehouse.

Download the e-Book for more information. Sage is one of our partners and they have a tool that can help called the Sage Inventory Advisor. As always we are here to help both in recommending trusted tools and offering information. Click the link below to both download the resource and contact us for assistance.

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