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Managed Services Making systems available & Useful

Network Operations

Managed Services provides software tools to proactively update and security tools to make sure your systems are safe, sound and operating smoothly moving forward

Loss Prevention & Recovery

Managed Services insures you have a plan for Disaster Recovery. We minimize loss of Data with clear Recovery Point Objectives and downtime with aggressive Recovery Time Objectives

Implement Best Practices

Even the best companies occasionally overlook simple security practices. Managed Services insures that simply things like virus protection, back ups, and user training are in place.

Evolving Technology

Technology is an ever changing industry with increasingly complex systems and protocols. Whether it is cloud migration, security, complexity, skills shortages we can help.

Leverage IT

Managed Services

Managed services (MSP) provide a systematic approach to managing your organization’s technology needs. HBCG can oversee your network and information system processes. Today’s companies are leveraging Managed Services to enhance their business performance. Whether it is a concern about security, the lack of skills necessary in house, the increasing complexity of technology, or moving to the cloud, Managed Services is a proven solution. 

Find What you need When you need it

Information Technology is supposed to work for you

Administration is probably not the focus of your business, but it is the oil that makes the machine run. Managed Services ensures that your information systems are available and useful to your employees and customers. 

Why Firms are leveraging MSP

*The evolving landscape of the MSP business report 2020

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Managed Services

  • Technology Strategy

    We provide customized assistance in the assessment of business systems and IT departments. From there we can develop a roadmap and budget for your business.

  • Network Operations & System Monitoring

    We evaluate and bring your operations and systems forward. We use software tools to manage updates proactively and security tools to ensure your systems are functioning safely.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Extensive protocols ensure that your data is able to be recovered

  • Best Practices and Standards

    We bring our clients forward with both hardware and software solutions. Old systems have inherent security risks. We create new virtual environments with servers and transfer information without interruption

  • Integration and Audit

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