Security Through MSSP


Information Security

Ensures your information systems are NOT useful to anyone except your employees and customers

Asset Protection & IT Security

Your resources are valuable to you and worthy of protection

Remote Access Security

Prevents, detects and responds to threats across your infrastructure, network and applications

Risk Management & Data Security

Expertise in aligning security with compliance frameworks

Enhance Security

Managed Security Services

Managed security services (MSSP) provide a systematic approach to managing your organization’s security needs. HBCG can oversee your network and information system security. We can supply around-the-clock monitoring and management of intrusion detection systems and firewalls, overseeing patch management and upgrades, performing security assessments and security audits, and responding to emergencies. Let us relieve you of the burden of performing these complex oversight processes and give you the freedom to maximize your profits.

What is Peace of Mind Worth?

Protecting your flank keeps you focused on your goals

You didn’t get into business to specialize on security. You got into business to maximize your profits while realizing your dreams. Worry is a hindrance to your success and performance. Let us take your worries away. Our Managed Services team is up to date, competent, accessible – we can give you the assurance you need to relieve the anxiety that is distracting your focus, and we can do it better than you can on your own. 

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Managed Security Services

So you can sleep at night

  • On-site Consulting

    We provide customized assistance in the assessment of business risks, key business requirements for security and the development of security policies and processes.

  • Managed Security Monitoring

    We provide day-to-day monitoring and interpretation of important system events throughout the network—including unauthorized behavior, malicious hacks, denial of service (DoS), anomalies, and trend analysis. It is the first step in an incident response process.

  • PEN Testing & Vulnerability Assessments

    This includes one-time or periodic software scans or hacking attempts in order to find vulnerabilities in a technical and logical perimeter. Regular reporting is provided.

  • Compliance Monitoring

    We identify changes to a system that violate a formal security policy.

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