SOC 1 Compliance Checklist

SOC 1 compliance Checklist

Compliance is a necessary evil, here is some help. Download our handy SOC 1 Compliance Checklist and let us help you remain in compliance.

  • Does organization have a defined organizational structure?
  • Has your organization designated authorized employees to develop and implement policies and procedures?
  • What is your organization’s background screening procedure?
  • Does your organization have established workforce conduct standards?
  • Do clients and employees understand their role in using your system or service?
  • Are system changes effectively communicated to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner?
  • Has organization performed a formal risk assessment?
    • Has your organization identified potential threats to the system?
    • Has your organization analyzed the significance of the risks associated with each threat?
    • What are your organization’s mitigation strategies for those risks?
  • Does your organization perform regular vendor management assessments?
  • Has your organization developed policies and procedures that address all controls?
  • Does organization perform an annual policy and procedure review?
  • Does your organization have physical and logical access controls in place?
  • Is access to data, software. functions, and other IT resources limited to authorized personnel based on roles?
  • Does your organization restrict physical access to sensitive locations to authorized personnel only?
  • Has your organization implemented an access control system and implemented monitoring to identify intrusions?
  • Has your organization developed and tested incident response procedures?
  • Is software, hardware, and infrastructure updated regularly as necessary?
  • Does your organization have a change management process to address deficiencies in controls?
  • What is your organization’s data backup and recovery policies?
  • How is your organization addressing environmental risks?
  • Have your organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans been tested and documented?
  • How is your organization ensuring data being processed, stored, and maintained accurately and timely?
  • How is your organization protecting confidential information (especially financial information) against unauthorized access, use, and disclosure?
  • Does your organization have a fully documented data retention policy?

And, as always, we are here to help. Let us walk you through the process to get into compliance and remain in compliance, I am here to help.

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