You Have to Find Answers Faster

I remember hearing a podcast about the Stock Market years ago that emphasized companies attempt to locate their offices as closely as they could to the Stock Market because they were losing time (nano-seconds) because of cable travel time. Their access to data was so important to the game they were involved in it made a difference to get their information as quickly as possible.

Most of us don’t have this urgent a need for information access, but the principle is universal. The sooner you get your information the more nimble you are in all your business processes.

Speed is a double edged sword. We don’t want to make hasty decisions by any means. But speed in this instance isn’t about being impulsive, it is about being ahead. The sooner I get the information I need the sooner I can begin to process that information. This is not simply a time saving factor, it is an advanced planning factor. Having information at your fingertips and immediately enhances business function. Sage Intacct is the kind of product that will give you speedy access to the information you need to succeed.

Read our White Paper entitled 7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now to learn more about the benefits of moving to a cloud financial system.

Let me help you understand what it would take for your business to the cloud.

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