Cost Saving Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud, Cloud hosting

The changing business landscape has led many customers to re-evaluate the ways in which
they manage their business. Increasingly, businesses are considering how they can enable and optimise remote working, by moving their business critical applications to the cloud.

5 Hidden Causes of Excess Inventory

Excess inventory is frozen capital. Capital that could be used to develop and grow your business.
In this e-book, we delve into the top 5 causes of excess inventory and how you, as an inventory planner, can prevent excess inventory using industry best practices.

Top Fixed Asset Management Strategies

Fortify and Amplify your Business Close management of fixed assets is a necessity for large, asset-heavyenterprises. This report investigates the motivators, benefits, and impacts oftracking these resources using fixed asset management strategies. Implementing a FAM strategy can do more for an organization than improve data infrastructure; those that have a FAM strategy in place are […]

CFO 3.0 – The Future of Business Leadership

All business leaders need to move with the times and digitization is key
to the transition. Today’s CFO is transforming into a real-time analyst. Tomorrow’s CFO will be a visionary. This is CFO 3.0.

What’s New in Sage 100

Sage 100 is releasing 26 new features to support our 14,000+ active customers and to show our continued investment in this well-loved product. The Release Notes will provide you with the comprehensive list of what’s available.

You Want to Be Thinking Ahead

There is a proverb that says “where there is no vision the people are unrestrained.” You could swap out the word people with “business” or “company.” A necessary component to leadership is the ability to look ahead. When companies have direction and decisive and are clear about that direction, companies perform better at every level. […]

You Have to Find Answers Faster

I remember hearing a podcast about the Stock Market years ago that emphasized companies attempt to locate their offices as closely as they could to the Stock Market because they were losing time (nano-seconds) because of cable travel time. Their access to data was so important to the game they were involved in it made […]

Self-Service Helps You do More

I love team sports. When you put together a good team, every part does their part. When one part can’t do their part, or worse, makes you do their part the luster of the game is lost. It is similar in business. Ideally, you hire the right person for the right spot and that person […]

Automation Makes You Lean

Paper… Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. If that picture of paper is the best description of your record keeping then it is past due time for a change. I have in my mind that image from the 50’s movies that depicts the office: a mail boy with his mail cart going up […]